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What are the ingredients of the beauty egg, and what are the specific differences?

What are the ingredients of the beauty egg, and what are the specific differences?

Update Time:2021/11/5
What are the ingredients of the beauty egg, and what are the specific differences?
SBR's skin feel is very good, it is soft, elastic, best in water absorption, oil resistance and aging resistance, it has a wide range of applications, and the price is moderate. It is recommended to replace it in the mid-term.
NR powder puff, also called natural powder puff, is cheap, easy to age, generally water-absorbent, various shapes, mostly small geometric block products, and mostly disposable products in developed countries. It is suitable for use in liquid foundation and powder cream. It is easy to scum after aging due to material reasons. If it is left on the skin, it is easy to cause allergies or damage. It is recommended to replace it frequently.
NBR powder puff, oil-resistant synthetic powder puff, good elasticity, oil-resistant, aging-resistant, non-residual, and water absorption is not too ideal, so it is mostly used for powder puffs. It has good durability and is expensive. It does not need to be replaced frequently. SBR powder puff, ordinary synthetic powder puff, material price and performance are between the two。
How to distinguish latex material from non-latex material?
It's very simple, just soak in water, latex materials will not become bigger when exposed to water, and non-latex materials will become bigger!
Really good-quality non-latex puff products are made with international advanced polymer technology, and the raw materials are imported from the United States and Germany. The characteristics of this raw material are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and highly hydrophilic. The water content of the product itself reaches more than 60%, so for any skin, it will not cause allergies and product dandruff.
As for the different brands you mentioned, there are some differences in terms of feel and use. Some can make the hair bigger after being rinsed with water, while some do not change at all, some are super soft, some are hard, and some Some can save most of the liquid foundation, and some will eat all the liquid foundation like water absorption.

The stomata are very small like baby skin
The hole is very big and rough like the surface of the moon
For example, for beauty makeup eggs, we generally think that the smaller and more delicate the pores, the better. In fact, there is a very important criterion for judging the quality of beauty makeup eggs: the ability to rebound when exposed to water.
Under normal circumstances, squeeze out the moisture after dampening the beauty egg, which rebounds quickly and has a good effect (regardless of the size of the pores), and is often less powder-absorbing.
With large pores and relatively low density, it will feel softer and more powder-grabbing. It is especially suitable for thick materials, such as foundation cream, foundation cream and concealer.
The pores are small, the density is large, and the hand feels firm. It is relatively suitable for thin liquid foundation, BB cream, barrier cream, etc.
The material is tight and meticulous, does not absorb powder
Rough, floating powder, large pores,Seriously eating powder
The price of different brands is also very different. Excluding the brand effect, the experience of use seems to be different. What is the reason?
Answer: The company's size, production technology and equipment capabilities, production processes are different (different batches of products of the same company will be different), the raw materials used are different, and the company's market positioning of the product is based on the price strategy.