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Is eyeliner harmful to the human body? What should I pay attention to when drawing eyeliner?

Is eyeliner harmful to the human body? What should I pay attention to when drawing eyeliner?

Update Time:2021/11/5
Is eyeliner harmful to the human body? What should I pay attention to when drawing eyeliner?
Classification of eyeliner:
 1. Emulsion eyeliner: strong expressiveness, it is not easy to fall off after coloring, and the drawing lines are relatively smooth. However, because the thickness of the nib is limited, the thickness of the drawn line is not easy to change. Therefore, when using this type of eyeliner, a set of replaceable nibs should be prepared, so that both fine and smooth lines can be drawn, as well as relatively smooth lines. Thick soft lines.
2. Pencil-type eyeliner: It is very convenient to use and carry, and the price is low. It is a carry-on item for ordinary working women. However, its expressive power is weak, and it is easy to fall off after coloring, so it is suitable for short-term use of makeup. In work and daily life, it is one of the tools to touch up makeup at any time. Because this type of eyeliner is lightly colored and soft, it can be drawn repeatedly, so it is very suitable for beginners to draw eyeliner.
Is eyeliner harmful to the human body?
Frequent eyeliner is harmful to the eyes. According to relevant ophthalmologists, many eye diseases remain high and are related to eye irritation caused by foreign bodies in cosmetics. Some foreign scholars have confirmed through sampling surveys that bacterial contamination is often found in eyelash pencils. The contamination rate of a new eyelash pencil before use is less than 1%, but the contamination rate will rise sharply during use, which may be high. It is dozens of times higher, and this kind of bacteria can easily cause corneal fungal disease in women. Similarly, people who are not paying attention during the process of using cosmetics will cause dust particles to fall into the eyes, which will cause eye inflammation, redness, pain, and even photophobia, and it is also very likely to develop allergic conjunctivitis. For some colored cosmetics, such as rouge, lipstick, brushes and perfumes, do not allow these cosmetics to enter the eyes when using them, otherwise it is possible to dye your own good conjunctiva yellow or appear pigmentation. Ophthalmologists reminded that while beautifying the eyes, the first thing to do is to prevent the pollution of cosmetics. Make-up brushes, eyeliner, etc. should not be placed in the cosmetics for a long time. They should be placed separately and kept clean in the container. They should be gently wiped with alcohol cotton balls regularly for disinfection and maintenance; secondly, the eyes should be closed gently when making up To prevent the powder from falling off. If you accidentally splashed cosmetics into your eyes, you should immediately rinse your eyes with tap water repeatedly. Generally, foreign objects can be completely washed away. If you still feel uncomfortable or the pain does not decrease, you need to go to the hospital for further treatment.

What should I pay attention to when drawing eyeliner?

1. When drawing eyeliner with eyeliner, do not hold it upright, but lay the pen flat. Naturally relax the strength to draw a soft eyeliner.

2. If you want to give people a gentle feeling, use black eyeliner on the eyelids and brown eyeliner on the roots of the eyelashes.

3. If you have a raised eye shape, it is recommended to thicken the eyeliner on the inner part of the eye, and pull down the end of the eye slightly to be parallel to or lower than the inner eye to create a sense of innocence.