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What is the principle of the "air cushion" of the air cushion puff?

What is the principle of the "air cushion" of the air cushion puff?

Update Time:2021/11/8
1. The composition of the air cushion puff:
The base material of the air cushion puff is made of three layers of materials bonded by glue, namely the fabric layer, the sponge layer, and the PU skin layer. After stamping and forming, the ribbon is placed on the car, and the entire air cushion puff is formed.

1. Fabric layer
(1), NEOPORA material (transliteration Niepra) produced by Korea Decheng Company. At present, the air cushion puffs of South Korea Amore Company mostly use this kind of fabric. Its main features are: no powder absorption, no powder storage, even and thin makeup. No chipping and tear resistance. It does not deform when exposed to water and can be washed repeatedly. It does not contain phenol, does not contain fluorescent agents, has antibacterial properties, anti-mildew, and has an inhibitory effect of up to 99.9% against pneumonia bacillus and Staphylococcus aureus which are easily produced when contacting the skin surface. (2) Rubycell materials (transliteration of Lu Bisai). The place of origin is mainly domestic. Most domestically produced air cushion puffs use this kind of fabric. The surface is delicate, the texture is soft, the powder is sticky, does not shed chips, and has good extensibility. The disadvantage is that it will quickly absorb the material body, the powder will be more absorbed, and the powder will be stored.
(3) The origin of non-latex materials is domestic. Most domestically produced low-end air cushion puffs use this kind of fabric. The surface of the fabric is relatively rough, it will absorb powder, it will swell when exposed to water, and it cannot be cleaned.
Sponge layer
2.  Sponge layer is made of polyurethane material, most of which are produced in Japan and Thailand.
3. PU skin
(1), imported PU skin, produced in South Korea. The price is higher, and the air cushion puff made will not crack or change color. (2) Ordinary leather. The price is low and unstable, and the air cushion puff made out of it is easy to crack and change color.
4. Ribbons
(1), Korean ribbons: bright in color and beautiful. (2) Ordinary ribbons: Compared with imported ribbons, the difference is more obvious.
2. What are the most common serious problems with air cushion puffs? How to detect? How to solve?
1: The puff sucks too much powder and the makeup effect is not good
Detection method: The quicker detection method is to place the puff flat on the table top, drip a drop of water on the fabric layer, and the air cushion puff that absorbs powder will immediately penetrate into the sponge layer. Air cushion puffs that do not absorb powder will not penetrate for a long time. The more formal testing method is to simulate consumer use: on the sample of the air cushion BB cream, after 20 times of continuous pressing, press on the back of the hand a lot, the material should rarely penetrate into the sponge layer, let alone the back of the puff. PU leather.

2: After the puff is used for a long time, the PU leather will crack and change color
Detection method: soak the puff in 10% NaOH solution, completely seal it with a sealed bag, and take out the packaging material after soaking for 24 hours. Qualified air cushion puff, PU skin will not be cracked or severely discolored. Unqualified air cushion puffs will break and become discolored.
3: The puff will burst and layer
Detection method: The simple and easy detection method is to boil in boiling water: put the air cushion puff in boiling water for 3-5 minutes. If the puff of poor quality is rubbed gently with your hands, the fabric layer will separate from the sponge layer. And the good quality puff, the fabric layer and the sponge layer, combine as before.
4: The total number of bacteria exceeds the limit, the powder puff is not antibacterial, not antifungal, contains phenol, contains fluorescent agent, etc.
Testing method: Generally, it is tested by a third-party authoritative testing organization and a testing report is provided.
In summary, a high-quality air cushion puff should at least meet the following requirements:
1: Antibacterial puff is a good puff!
2: A good powder puff should not absorb powder or store powder!
3: PU skin should pass the 10% NaOH soaking test for 24H to ensure that the PU skin will not crack or change color
4: The puff finished product is not allowed to appear delamination, bursting, deformation, etc.
5: The finished powder puff should not contain phenol and fluorescent agent.