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How to use makeup eggs

How to use makeup eggs

Issue Time:2020/05/01
Rui En Company was established
Makeup Egg on Foundation

1. Soak the beauty egg in mineral water or tap water first, and then squeeze the excess water
2. Apply the liquid foundation to the forehead, nose, chin, and cheeks, and then use a moist beauty egg to wipe off the foundation. The technique is to gently spread from the inside out, mainly by pressing.
Beauty Egg Blush

First, apply a little bit of blush on the beauty egg, and then gently pat him on the apple muscles, or gently sweep the cheekbones in an oblique upward manner.
Concealer on Beauty Egg

First apply the concealer to the area that needs to be concealed, and then use the tip of the beauty egg to gently pat the concealer away. This method of applying the concealer will look very natural and very light.
Beauty Egg Makeup Remover

Some parts of the makeup are difficult to remove. At this time, use a makeup egg to dip a little bit of makeup remover, and then remove the more difficult makeup. This makeup removal method will be easier to use.
Clean the beauty egg

When using the makeup egg, the makeup egg and skin care makeup egg should be used separately. Because the function of the makeup egg is very powerful, it is recommended to clean it once every two days a week, and there is a special makeup egg cleaning Supplies, of course, you can also use facial cleanser or soap to clean it, the beauty egg can’t be twisted hard.