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The 8th Zhejiang Beauty Industry Expo

The 8th Zhejiang Beauty Industry Expo

Issue Time:2021/03/25
Is beauty makeup a waste of foundation?
Beauty eggs can absorb powder, but as long as they are used correctly, foundation will not be wasted. As a makeup tool, the beauty egg will absorb powder more or less during use. This is also a problem that all makeup tools will encounter. But as long as you master the correct usage of the beauty egg, you won't waste foundation.

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The role of eyeliner
Eyeliner is a kind of make-up product, used to deepen and highlight the effect of eye makeup and make the eyes energetic. It looks like a pencil. You can use a special pencil sharpener or a knife to remove the excess wood, and also improve the thickness of the pen tip.
Can the face wash puff be used as a powder puff?
Can't replace.
   Face wash is generally made of PVA as the main raw material, so it is also called PVA face wash. The main production process of the face wash is to foam PVA through special technology and material processing, the surface is smooth and soft, and it does not hurt the skin when used.
   Powder puff is a kind of makeup tool. Generally, powder puffs are included in loose powder and compact powder boxes. Most of them are cotton and velvet materials, which are used for dipping foundation and finishing makeup. According to the different types of powder puffs, the main functions are as follows: Sponge powder puffs are more suitable for wet water use, which is convenient and even to push off the liquid foundation; the triangular shape is easy to apply to the corners of the eyes and the wings of the nose. Wet and dry puffs are generally round or rectangular.
The texture of the two is different. Generally, the puff is relatively small, and the length is similar to the sponge, but it is much smaller and more delicate than the sponge. That is, the holes on the top are relatively small, and the puff is usually not wet or hard. Sponge is not It will be hard in water.
Use makeup remover to clean the air cushion puff
In fact, the air cushion puff plays a very good assisting role, allowing everyone to apply makeup or primer more meticulously and evenly, making the whole makeup more three-dimensional and layered. This is the advantage of using air cushion puffs. Air cushion puff can make the liquid application become more even and make you more beautiful.

To clean, you need to use makeup remover. If you have other makeup remover products, you can use it. Apply the makeup remover to the air cushion puff and make it even. You can gently spread the makeup remover with your hands, and then squeeze it hard. , Wait until the moisture in the cushion puff penetrates out.

This is to squeeze out the liquid foundation or barrier cream in the puff. You need to repeat this action several times, and then wash it off with clean water. The squeeze strength should be controlled well to prevent damage to the air cushion puff.